As an organization we aspire to cooperation with others, whilst simultaneously adhering to our independence. This principle especially applies to the financial position of the organization and the goals and visions in cooperation with (project) partners.

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This principle denotes the core of AFD Utrecht, making it omnipresent in every aspect of the organization. This includes daily operations, events, projects and partnerships. AFD Utrecht has an obligation to assess every decision on the basis of lasting and enduring consequences.

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AFD Utrecht stands for transparency offering both internal and external parties the opportunity to be informed and participate in the (daily) operations of the organization.

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AFD Utrecht will strive to be innovative, meaning that the organization shies away from conventional views concerning development work. AFD Utrecht attempts to stimulate and promote a close collaboration with local communities, thereby taking local knowledge, needs and interests into account when tackling development issues and realizing durable social impact. Furthermore, AFD Utrecht aims to…

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AFD Utrecht Projects

These are the projects we currently offer. More will follow soon! AFD Utrecht projects allow students to put their academic knowledge into practice and experience durable social impact in the South.

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JN Foundation Jamaica  The JN foundation has been working on The Resolution project since 2009 by introducing Jamaican high school students to the field of photography and the opportunity that it affords them to address issues that affect their communities. The Resolution project encourages youth leadership through non-violent activism, facilitating…

Lendahand Lendahand would like to better understand and measure the effectiveness of the loans provided to small and medium enterprises for, and the Lendahand foundation would like to better understand and measure the effectiveness of the training programs. The project will consist of building a measurement tool for the…

Kukua Tanzania Kukua B.V is a Dutch company, which started as SODAQ B.V spin-off; a company specialized in the development of sensor solutions. Kukua uses innovative, robust and low-cost weather stations to analyse weather patterns in Africa. The company works together with various partners on both local and international levels.…