The story of Academics for Development

Academics for Development is a non-profit organization founded on social entrepreneurship. Through projects and events, we strive to give students the opportunity to enrich themselves and have durable social impact.



The main goal of Academics for Development Utrecht is to offer students the possibility to have social impact in a durable and meaningful way, by offering them the opportunity to contribute to the solutions for real life issues in developing and developed countries.


With this opportunity, AFD UTR aims to demonstrate to students that they can make a real difference in people’s life. By deploying students at real life problems, AFD UTR aspires to utilize the valuable skills, time and knowledge of students on the one hand, and to grant students an opportunity to gain practical (and international) experience on the other hand. AFD UTR also has the ambition to familiarize students with all sorts of topics related to development cooperation and social entrepreneurship.

Achieving Our Goals

Every action AFD UTR undertakes is based on our four core values: Passion, Inclusion, Excellence and Sustainability.

To realize the aforementioned goals, AFD UTR undertakes two activities:


AFD Utrecht facilitates consultancy projects in cooperation with local social enterprises, start-ups or NGOs. Every AFD UTR project, in which a multidisciplinary team of 4-6 students works on a certain problem for 10 months, is oriented on having social impact. In one academic year, AFD UTR students develop a research based conceptual solution and plan of action. During the summer, the AFD UTR students are given the opportunity to execute their plan of action at the project location. The local partner supports the students during the entire project.


AFD Utrecht organises events to bring topics related to social entrepreneurship and social impact closer to the student’s community and public. At these events, AFD UTR supports young, aspiring and inspiring entrepreneurial individuals to display their (innovative) visions for social change.


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